Stat Description
TOI Time on ice (minutes)
GF Goals For
GA Goals Against
xGF Expected Goals For
xGA Expected Goals Against
SF Shots on Goal For
SA Shots on Goal Against
FF Fenwick (Unblocked shots) For
FA Fenwick (Unblocked shots) Against
CF Corsi (All shots) For
CA Corsi (All shots) Against
wshF Weighted Shots For = GF + .2*(CF-GF)
wshA Weighted Shots Against = GA + .2*(CA-GA)
GF% Goal For Percentage = GF/(GF+GA)*100
xGF% Expected Goal For Percentage = xGF/(xGF+xGA)*100
FF% Fenwick For Percentage = FF/(FF+FA)*100
CF% Corsi For Percentage = CF/(CF+CA)*100
wSHF% Weighted Shots For Percentage = wshF/(wshF+wshA)*100
GF60 Goals For Per 60 = GF*60/TOI
xGF60 Expected Goals For Per 60 = xGF*60/TOI
SF60 Shots For Per 60 = SF*60/TOI
FF60 Fenwick For Per 60 = FF*60/TOI
CF60 Corsi For Per 60 = CF*60/TOI
GA60 Goals Against Per 60 = GA*60/TOI
xGA60 Expected Goals Against Per 60 = xGA*60/TOI
SA60 Shots Against Per 60 = SA*60/TOI
FA60 Fenwick Against Per 60 = FA*60/TOI
CA60 Corsi Against Per 60 = CA*60/TOI
Sh% Shooting Percentage = Goals/SOG*100
FSh% Fenwick Shooting Percentage = Goals/Fenwick*100
xFSh% Expected Fenwick Shooting Percentage = xGoals/Fenwick*100
Sv% Save Percentage = Saves/SOG*100
FSv% Fenwick Save Percentage = (SOG+Misses)/Fenwick*100
xFSv% Expected Fenwick Save Percentage = (Fenwick-xGA)/Fenwick*100
Miss% Percentage of Unblocked shots that miss net = Misses/Fenwick*100
A1 Primary Assists
A2 Secondary Assists
P Points = Goals + Assists
P1 Primary Points = Goals + Primary Assists
xGoals Individual expected Goals for
iSF Individual SOG for
iFF Individual Fenwick for
iCorsi Individual Corsi for
iSh% Individual Shooting Percentage = Goals/iSF*100
ifSh% Individual Fenwick Shooting Percentage = Goals/iFF*100
ixFSh% Individual Expected Fenwick Shooting Percentage = xGoals/iFF*100
G60 Goals Per 60 = Goals*60/TOI
xG60 xGoals Per 60 = xGoals*60/TOI
A160 Primary Assists Per 60 = A1*60/TOI
A260 Secondary Assists Per 60 = A2*60/TOI
P60 Points Per 60 = P*60/TOI
P160 Primary Points Per 60 = P1*60/TOI
iSF60 Individual SOG for Per 60 = iSF*60/TOI
iFen60 Individual Fenwick for Per 60 = iFF*60/TOI
iCorsi60 Individual Corsi for Per 60 = iCorsi*60/TOI
PEND Penalties Drawn
PENT Penalties Taken
HF Hits For
HA Hits Against
REL GF% Relative GF% = GF%(on ice) - GF%(off ice)
REL xGF% Relative xGF% = xGF%(on ice) - xGF%(off ice)
REL FF% Relative FF% = FF%(on ice) - FF%(off ice)
REL CF% Relative CF% = CF%(on ice) - CF%(off ice)
REL GF60 Relative GF60 = GF60(on ice) - GF60(off ice)
REL xGF60 Relative xGF60 = xGF60(on ice) - xGF60(off ice)
REL SF60 Relative SF60 = SF60(on ice) - SF60(off ice)
REL FF60 Relative FF60 = FF60(on ice) - FF60(off ice)
REL CF60 Relative CF60 = CF60(on ice) - CF60(off ice)
REL GA60 Relative GA60 = GA60(on ice) - GA60(off ice)
REL xGA60 Relative xGA60 = xGA60(on ice) - xGA60(off ice)
REL SA60 Relative SA60 = SA60(on ice) - SA60(off ice)
REL FA60 Relative FA60 = FA60(on ice) - FA60(off ice)
REL CA60 Relative CF60 = CF60(on ice) - CF60(off ice)
Rel Sh% Relative Sh% = Sh%(on ice) - Sh%(off ice)
Rel Sv% Relative Sv% = Sv%(on ice) - Sv%(off ice)
Rel FSh% Relative FSh% = FSh%(on ice) - FSh%(off ice)
Rel xFSh% Relative xFSh% = xFSh%(on ice) - xFSh%(off ice)
Rel FSv% Relative FSv% = FSv%(on ice) - FSv%(off ice)
Rel xFSv% Relative xFSv% = xFSv%(on ice) - xFSv%(off ice)
Rel Miss% Relative Miss% = Miss%(on ice) - Miss%(off ice)
Neu. Faceoffs Neutral Zone Face-offs
Off. Faceoffs Offensive Zone Face-offs
Def. Faceoffs Defensive Zone Face-offs
Off. Zone% Percentage of Face-offs in Offensive Zone = Neu/(Off+Def+Neu)
Neu. Zone% Percentage of Face-offs in Neutral Zone = Neu/(Off+Def+Neu)
Def. Zone% Percentage of Face-offs in Defensive Zone = Neu/(Off+Def+Neu)
REL Neu. Zone% Relative Neutral Zone Face-off Percentage = Neu.Zone%(on ice) - Neu.Zone%(off ice)
REL Off. Zone% Relative Offensive Zone Face-off Percentage = Off.Zone%(on ice) - Off.Zone%(off ice)
REL Def. Zone% Relative Defensive Zone Face-off Percentage = Def.Zone%(on ice) - Def.Zone%(off ice)